keep a track of your business

Improve Profitability by Data-driven Decision Making

Our car rental management software has the ability to provide detailed management information and reports on your customers, fleet and business operations. You can access these details whenever you need it and from any device. Our easy to navigate SaaS platform’s dashboard, shows your completed and pending customer verifications, payment reminders, compliance reminders, vehicle maintenance and availability status, so that you can monitor your business timely and efficiently. 

MI and Analytics at Your Fingertips


Keep Track of Your Business with an Easy Dashboard  

   Improve decision making and drive efficiency through a comprehensive suite of reports, alerts and real time MI. With our one-stop-shop platform, you maintain your organisational details, billing and payment information, fleet operations and customer MI, all in one dashboard so you can always be on top of your business.                  


Customer Profiling Made Easy     

Get comprehensive data driven insights into the booking behaviour and usage patterns of your customers. With driving patterns being recorded and updated for every customer through the duration of their booking, you can create an accurate profile of your customers based on ROI, risk, etc. Increase the efficiency of your operations by setting prices and insurance rates based customer profiles.    

Bring in more automation into your business on the back of our biometric customer verification that automatically verifies your customers. Nuvven’s access to DVLA records makes it easy for you to verify customers’ driving history and decrease the risk of fraud.


Facts About Your Fleet

Stay up to date on the performance and health of your fleet, with our real time information on very vehicle through telematcis. Run diagnostics on any vehicle in your fleet to know information about milage, breakdown history and maintainace requirements or stay up to date with vehicle availibility ststus, pick up and drop pff alerts.



Customer Relationship Management   


Nuvven’s car rental software assists you with managing your contacts, a key activity in the successful functioning of your business. You can easily input customer details and segregate them in terms of individual and business customers. Our dashboard supports you with customer relationship management by maintaining a customer profile that records contact details, driver details and history, to-do list and correspondence, booking history, managing documents, complaints and disputes. 

Billing and  Compliance Reminders      

Nuvven’s SaaS platform lets you set up customer payments and car service schedules, that it then automatically reminds you to execute on those reminders and also sends an alert in case of overdues. 

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