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Customers are unhappy with the car rental market. It’s monopolised by the big 5 and innovation is low. It’s time for car rental to be disrupted and level the playing field for the independents who want to offer better service with increased value and grow their business. 

Our cloud-based technology platform gives immediate access to enterprise level tools and capability to fully digitise your car rental business and improve satisfaction for customers.

Our online platform helps car rental businesses digitise quickly – delivering immediate cost savings, higher utilisation and lots more customers.

Customers benefit from greater choice, competitive pricing and much better levels of service and commitment from local independent businesses.

Solving the problems that independent car rental businesses face

Lack of access to digital technology
Lower fleet utilisation
Significant cost of fleet Insurance
High cost of fleet acquisition
Unable to compete in key locations, e.g. airports

Our digital car rental platform delivers

Digitisation-led efficiency 

(savings of £500/vehicle/year*)

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Higher fleet utilisation

15-20% increase

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Growth via marketplace

(25-30% increase in new bookings)


All of your manual and paper-based processes will be digitised reducing time and effort, increasing GDPR compliance and security, and delivering cost efficiency and profitabilitythrough data driven insights.

Our online booking system can integrate with your existing website, as a stand alone platform or via our customer app. It’s fully integrated with the fleet management and real time vehicle data so bookings are made automatically.


We install  connected telematics modules into every vehicle, so you’ll always know where your vehicles are and have access to real-time fleet and driving data. We’ve created a partnership with Trov to use your data and insights to offer better-value personalised on-demand fleet insurance.

Our AI-powered fleet management capabilities will help you increase utilisation and automatically manage bookings and vehicle allocation schedule – increasing ROI from your fleet.


After installation of our telematics module, your vehicles will have keyless entry and start-up. You no longer need customers to come to your location, they can pick your vehicle from anywhere and drop it off in the agreed location. Your business is longer limited to your local area.

We use customer driving data, dynamic pricing, AI and your pricing strategy to give you the ability to offer competitive dynamic pricing.

Whether through our online booking system or our customer app you can compete with the full market on price, availability, location and customer satisfaction.

* Savings breakdown: $200 personnel; $150 vehicle and asset ; $300 vehicle insurance cost

Platform Features


See our Car Rental Platform in action

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