Safety and Flexibility in Payments with Our Market Leading Payment Partner

Nuvven’s mission is to provide a better car rental experience for customers at every stage and keeping that promise we have partnered with a global Payment leader, Elavon, to offer a comprehensive end-to-end payment solution. With Nuvven, you will get access to the industry’s leading security, pre-authorisation, currency conversion and electronic wallet solutions. Market leading will now become a standard with Nuvven’s cutting edge digital car rental software. 

Payments made Simple and Secure


Multiple Payment Solutions

With Elavon, we are able to provide you with a range of card payment options such as pay-by-link, mobile and online payments and integrated point-of-sale payments, which will be directly initiated through the Nuvven platform. We also provide traditional payment options like collecting cash. To facilitate your business across geographies we are also able to offer you payments in the currency of choice.

Flexibility in Billing

Apart from various payment methods, Nuvven empowers you to give your customers the flexibility to pay weekly/monthly/quarterly, to manage refunds and also process pre-authorised payments . With Nuvven’s digital car rental management software you will be able to generate invoices as frequently as you want and will also be able to have a consolidated view of invoices against one customer.


Security our Top Priority

Elavon is a Top 5 global market leader that has gained the trust of over 1 million clients, over 25 years, by ensuring secure and safe payment processing. Their sophisticated technology reads chip-embedded cards to check counterfeiting, point-to-point encryption conceals the data and tokenization replaces the data to keep your payments safe.  

Read more about Elavon’s Safe-T Security Solutions, that you will benefit from, after onboarding with Nuvven

Why choose Nuvven ? 

Comprehensive and Seamless Digitised Solution 

With Nuvven, you get an all-in-one car rental management software that manages your payments securely with the help of our reputed payment partner Elavon. This seamless data flow between our compatible softwares will make it easier for you to manage both car rental bookings and invoices generated against them at one place.    

Preferential Rates on Payment Related Charges

Being Nuvven’s customer, you not only get access to Elavon’s world class security for your payment solutions, but you also get it at specially discounted rates. So onboard with Nuvven today to benefit from our exclusive partnership with the global payment leader Elavon. 


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