To set competitive rates and maximise your revenue

AI Powered Software that Calculates Pricing Based on Customer and Market Trends

Nuvven’s digital car rental platform makes it easy for you to set prices for car rental bookings, so that you can run your business on your terms. Our software enables you to input pricing rules based on seasonality, peak/off-peak traffic or weekday/weekend. Additionally, our software is powered by Artificial Intelligence to give you pricing suggestions based on the market and competitors that can increase your profits and lower revenue leakage. 

Pricing That Yields Profits




Increase Your Profits

You will be able to change your price settings according to day/night, peak/off peak and customer history to benefit from surge pricing and gain higher profits.



Lower Your Risk        

With pricing set in line with data that incorporates demand trends and customer usage history, your car rental business can lower its risk against seasonality and unexpected customer patterns.  

Promotional Offers

Give your customers the right discounts at the right time. Not only will you be able to run promotions and offers through our software, but we will also be able to give you smart suggestions on when to implement these discounts.

Why Choose Nuvven ? 


AI Based Dynamic Pricing

 Our intelligent platform, powered by AI, analyses past usage and current market data to calculate the best times for you to charge surge pricing according to day/night, peak/off peak and customer history and when to give out discounts to attract more customers. You also have the flexibility to use the static pricing rules that you set or choose the AI-led dynamic pricing and set it differently across your fleet. With this freedom you can take control of your small business and equip it with the capacity to compete with big rental companies.

We are currently working on the same and expect this to be rolled out very soon. For more details book a Demo today!

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