to preempt and reduce repair costs

AI Powered Suggestions for Vehicle Servicing and Alerts for Breakdown

Fleet maintenance can be expensive for car rental operators, especially if not done on time. Nuvven’s Artificial intelligence enabled predictive maintenance capability will provide you with early notifications and warnings that will ensure your fleet is repaired and serviced on time and also ensure they remain roadworthy at all times. You can set reminders for repairs and service scheduling and then leave it to our automated software to send notifications on time and alerts when overdue. Additionally our car rental management software, powered by the telematics data, will also be able to send instant notifications regarding vehicle breakdowns or accidents.

Intelligent Alerts and Reminders

Never Miss Your Vehicle’s Service Again        

Nuvven’s SaaS platform lets you set up automated vehicle service and repair schedules, which will then automatically remind you to execute and also sends an alert in case of overdues. 


Monitor Your Vehicle’s Health in Real-Time

Nuvven’s telematics device which is installed in every vehicle, will send you alerts and notifications in the event of a breakdown or if there is an error code in the vehicle. Such notifications will ensure you stay ahead in scheduling service and repair for your fleet to avoid expensive breakdowns.

Why Choose Nuvven?

Our AI Forecasts the Right Time for Your Vehicle’s Servicing

Reminders and notifications can be set on other softwares too, but what differentiates Nuvven from the pack is our focus on Artificial Intelligence. Our team of data science experts have empowered the Nuvven digital car rental software to predict the right time for vehicle servicing and ensure efficient fleet maintenance. Our digital platform forecasts servicing and downtime by combining the car’s driving and maintenance history and vehicle health data from telematics. Suggestions are based on the car’s usage history and terrains traversed, making it more effective than a generic service schedule for all vehicles. 

We are currently working on the same and expect this to be rolled out very soon. For more details book a Demo today!

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