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Assured Safety of Data with Best in Class Server Security and AWS as Partner

At Nuvven, we use advanced security features to minimise risk to your business. Your data like rental agreements, contracts, invoice information and customer details are valuable so we store everything in our secure cloud, underpinned by the server security of industry leader – Amazon Web Services. We follow stringent General Data Protection Regulation guidelines, so you can be rest assured about your privacy.  Apart from securing your data, we also strive to reduce the time it takes to upload data. Our car rental management software aims to drastically cut personnel costs by giving you access to a pre-existing database of vehicle specifications, to be used while booking or acquiring a new fleet. This enables you to reduce overheads or utilise your staff for other meaningful tasks. 

Why Choose Nuvven? Security Is Our Priority



Secure Your Data

Our car rental platform stores sensitive information like digital signatures, contracts and customer details in a secure Amazon cloud, that is GDPR compliant. It is easily accessible from anywhere, and has unlimited memory for your documents. In addition, we regularly take back ups (4 times a day) to ensure you will never lose your data. 




Access Your Data From Anywhere

The Amazon cloud allows us to ensure that you can access the system and your data from anywhere in the world and at any time. Our partnership with Amazon reflects our commitment to ensuring that you will never lose your data.



Data Entry – a Thing of the Past  

Our platform is designed with data driven automation in mind. With our database of vehicle specifications, customer information and other types of business data in the platform, you can retrieve these details automatically, minimising time for data entry on fleet acquisition, new booking and invoicing to increasing accuracy.

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