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Our car rental management platform can help you transform your business.​

It’s a real game changer.


Our mission is to enable a step change in the car rental industry using state of the art technology to make car rentals simple and personalised for our customers.

Our Vision

Nuvven will simplify car rentals by


fully digitising the end-to-end customer and staff journeys


intelligently using data to understand customer preferences


closer technology integration with our car rental partners

Our Values

  • Customer first: We will always be looking for new ways to delight customers.
  • Sustainability: We will invest 1% of our profits to the community to enable social change.
  • Partnerships: We will work closely with our partners and treat them as equals in our journey.
  • Innovation driven: We will be entrepreneurial and seek new ways to innovate across our business.
  • Encourage diversity: We will treat our colleagues, partners and customers with respect and inclusiveness.

Our Products

For our car rental partners, our integrated platform will provide a significantly improved user experience.

  • A fully digitised, cloud based technology solution for managing all aspects of your car rental business.
  • Artificial Intelligence enabled automated booking and fleet management service to ensure you are getting the most out of your fleet.
  • Connected vehicle technology that creates self-service opportunities to improve your efficiency and reduce operational cost.
  • Advanced analytics for real time customer, car and business insights to help you make informed decisions.
  • Increased revenue through discovery via our Nuvven car rental marketplace platform.


  • Take advantage of Partner opportunities
  • Invest in our platform's success
  • Follow our journey and industry insights
  • Connect with our developers
  • Leverage our technology for your growth


George Kelsey
George Kelsey, Mentor
Ex-Head of Technology & Innovation at Tesco Bank

“What the Nuvven guys have done is they’ve really understood the three keys things customers are looking for…”

Gordon Colborn
Gordon Colborn, Mentor
Ex-PwC Partner

“Nuvven is an idea that I thought, this is really simple. This is really smart. Why didn’t I think of it?”

Steven Drost
Steven Drost, Mentor
Codebase Strategist

“I see loads and loads of startups and what has excited me about Nuvven is they really stand out!”

Disrupt or transform?
The journey to customer centricity for car rentals starts here...

Our Team

Our team and panel of advisors provide us with an excellent mix of industry experience and entrepreneurship to achieve success.

The Nuvven management team is made up of experienced professionals who have achieved success working for global organisations and are passionate about creating a positive impact in the car rental industry by bringing innovation and technology to our partners and customers.

Our panel of advisors have been handpicked for their leadership experience, professional network and expertise in their respective fields of work. You can hear more from about why they believe in Nuvven, in our ‘Conversations’ section.



Join us on this exciting journey. Please contact us to find out more about our platform or opportunities for becoming a Partner.


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