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To support you through COVID-19 period, we are offering a free trial of our fully digital car rental management platform that will help you run your car rental business from home, save on operational costs and prepare you for the future.
If you are interested, signup below.

Dominated by a few, the car rental market is fragmented, customers are unsatisfied and innovation is low.

We’re here to empower independent car rental operators, disrupt the market and give customers better value and experience

Our AI driven car rental platform fully digitises local car hire operators, delivering significant cost savings through efficiency, best in class utilisation and growth in customers.

Customers benefit from a 21st century car hire experience enabled by greater choice, tailored pricing and industry-leading levels of customer service from local independent operators.


Transforming car rental businesses

How can Nuvven give you the power to complete with the big players?

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Giving customers so much more

We’re turbo charging the car rental experience for customers

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